• 14 Dec 2021
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The virtualcinematography.org website was created by people who know everything about electronics, movies, and coziness. Our team of experts, each a professional in their own field, will help you save time online shopping for whatever you need: a TV or an audio system, and everything else you need to create a home cinema area.

What we do here

Our goal is to make it easier for you to find a good product online. We did all the research for you. We researched the topic, determined the most important features, compiled a list of the best and most reliable products and tested each one in detail.

What is our process?

Topic research: We carefully examine each topic and make sure to pay sufficient attention to every aspect of a product.
Scouring the market: We search the market for reliable, functional and high-quality models. We aim to remove models that have low ratings or negative feedback and to also include newer models who have earned a good reputation.
Testing the products: Our expert team must test the products to ensure that they are all chosen for a purpose. Each unit is given a product report that highlights the pros and cons.
Writing a review: At this stage, our writers make sure that all the information is presented in an easy-to-read and descriptive manner. The product review becomes an exhaustive overview, while the initial topic research and all subsequent details are described in the form of a handy guide.

Are we sponsored?

We don't have any agreements with any electronics companies.
We are participants of an advertising affiliate program. This means that we receive commissions if a product is sold through our reviews (at no additional cost to you). The fees do not differ between models and brands, so you can rest assured that our reviews are completely objective.

Keep in touch

We are always available for questions, comments, or suggestions. Please drop us an email at info@virtualcinematography.org, and our editorial team will be happy to help.